Swisso stands for "Switzerland" and "Somalia". Kalmo means "Help" and "Connectedness".

SWISSO Kalmo (SK) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to providing vital health care. In addition to the above, it is also the case that the humanitarian situation is a problem in which people are exposed to the same problem. Deliver a reliable high quality and support the success community based health projects; Apply relevant, up to date empirical evidence; . and build the capacity of health workers and community-based organizations

Swisso stands for "Switzerland" and "Somalia" | Kalmo means "help" and "connectedness".

1995, 20 years ago, Magda-free founded the Agency Swisso Kalmo, with the help of her family and friends. Thanks to the commitment of Dr. Abdi Hersi in Nairobi - Kenya, Ali Elmi in Merka - Somalia, and the board members in Switzerland who have kept her dream for Swisso-Kalmo going on, even after her death in 2010.

Her dream still lives on for Somalia, and may spread the world over. Our work is mainly driven by her passion to alleviate human suffering, and relieve emergencies that befall the human race - especially in somalia. People in Merka, and Somalia at large, are hopefull that you will stand solidarity with them, helping them at this time of need. That would make us happy, to see that together we can fullfill this dream.


“SK is an international humanitarian organization addressing emergencies and alleviating the human suffering through provision of quality health care services, WASH, Livelihood and strengthening institutions, systems and local capacities”.


“Our vision is of a world that provides care to all people; alleviate poverty, responds immediately to safe lives in the time of emergencies and beyond the emergencies”.

Strategic Objectives

• To improve access of integrated quality primary and secondary health services through direct implementation and by working with partners.
• To provide adequate drinking water and sanitation infrastructures for all communities in our catchment areas.
• To empower communities and alleviate poverty though provision of capacity development and skills
• To provide rapid and focused response to humanitarian crises, to help people back on their feet.
• To strengthen organization’s capacity for emergence preparedness and control.
• To Protect and improve household’s food security including asset base
• To Increase participation and involvement of women in food security and livelihoods action.
• To strengthen capacity of vulnerable households to cope with future shocks.
• To create access and space for the local population in reaching their destinations such as farmlands and other institutions within their localities by having clear and well maintained roads in the area.

Core Values:

• Accountability and Transparency: We subscribe to the principles of transparency and accountability in all programmatic and administrative activities
• Humanitarian. SWISSO Kalmo is guided by the humanitarian principle: to take all steps possible to prevent or alleviate human suffering wherever it occurs.
• Impartial. We act regardless of race, religion or political affiliation and make decisions based on independent assessments
• Mutual respect
• Commitment
• Community Empowerment
• Right Based Approach: RBA

Guiding Principles:

• The value in providing a forum in which dignity and community self-empowerment is keystones to successful community interventions.
• Empowerment is actualized by guiding and assisting others to do for themselves rather than doing for others
• Illiteracy is not a disability, but rather a lack of skills.
• By involving the youth, we create continuity in information disseminated and lesson learned during implementation.
• Community resolutions are strengthened by equal opportunity for participation of all members